IMG_0023.JPG under Mt. Ararat 2009/8/16


These days I have been lost, hurt, worried, tired, angry, happy, sad, dizzy, exhausted, fulfilled, thankful, peaceful, estacitic...


I have been watching typhoon tragedy on CCTV in Georgia, have caught a cold for a long time, have my camera finally died away, have in and out of Turkey 8 times, have been kicked out of Armenia border, have slept endless hot dry summer nights, and been asked for "sex service" by a Turkish truck driver AGAIN...have been thinking about YOU, the one read these words now.



IMG_0015.JPG cycling toward Iran border, the last sight of Mt. Ararat.



IMG_0050.JPG  the first Iran city I stayed: Maku, had my hairs cut in this undergound barber shop.



IMG_0076.JPG the first meal in Iran: goat's head, greasy!



IMG_0109.JPG had "chay" on the roadside with workers.



IMG_0088.JPG taking sun-flowers' seed, it seems the main industry on north-western Iran.



IMG_0135.JPG a kind Iranian let me inside his house beside factocry in the barren roadside, and pitched my tent outside that night.



IMG_0140.JPG the least fashionable hairdo in Iran.



IMG_0147.JPG my tent, my bike, sunset faded away.



IMG_0192.JPG super dry and hot road.



the best non-alcoholic beer, tasty! only produced in Iran, drank 2L within one hour.



arrived in Tehran, the most polluted and manic traffic flood city on earth.



IMG_0480.JPG if there's no miracle happending, this is the last picture in Iran: Imam Sqare in Esfahan. after taking this pic, I am so hot and weak(it's Ramazan, Islamic fasting month, all resturants are closed in daytime, very hard to find something to eat), my head dizzy my hands shaking, then the camera falling down, demaged totally...


from 2009/8/19~8/27, upload in Shiraz. I can temporarily go to some websites that are banned in Iran, e.g., Flickr, but now can't do again, there should be more photos here, anyway, next time.


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