Finally, I can leave this dry and depressed land.

Have been to some most famous cities in the history: Esfahan, Shiraz, Yazd, but I couldn't open my heart, the cities, the country also didn't open to me. 

The worst thing about Iran is: there's no music.

I remembered when travelling in eastern Tuekey, when hearing melancholy Kudish music floating with dramatic scenery, it's the most mystic experience I've ever had...

I always need a "soundtrack" to go with me, with the land, the air...that's the energy behind me.




There's no music in Iran, except annoying soulless murmurs of clerics.


So I sometimes thinking about some old rock and roll I used to hearing...

Tomorrow I'll leave the deadly polluted air of Tehran behind(forever? maybe),  taking 3 days train to Damascus, Syria.

Heading south toward Red Sea and River Nile, the last part of the journey.

When travelling more, you think more of places you have been before.

Contrast to the hot, dry moment now, I saw this 80's video last years in the cold, wet western city of Ireland: Galway.

The last night of Iran, I play this song for myself, and if you like, for you.

Becuse we can never escape the lust to hold back the years before, whatever we go how far away.

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  • tzuche
  • seems you pretty much dont like IRAN.. haha
  • it's not the TIME(Ramazan) to visit here...especially no things to eat in the daytime. I lost too much weight and caught a cold 2 times, still sick now. Not to mention's the city only appearing in the nightmare...

    tzewu 於 2009/09/07 00:46 回覆

  • tzuche
  • it will get better when you head for Syria! good luck!

  • dune79
  • Simply Red~! Really good music. I really like them too~
    Safe trip and all the best on the last part of your journey.
    Hope music follows you down the Nile. Take care and thanks
    for sharing your journey with those stuck in the city with
    duties and rediculous responsibilities.
  • glad to know there's someone also like this kind of oldies...:)

    tzewu 於 2009/09/07 19:25 回覆

  • rosine
  • The worst thing about Iran is: there's no music.



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