Though I felt uneasy in Iran, and can not travel deeply there, but I'd like to understand this country more by some ways in the future.

If you are in Taiwan these days, I think you have a very good chance to see this contrast country.

It's 伊朗紀錄片影展 organized by 薛常慧, she helpd me a lot to find some Iranians in Tehran, to share some aspects of life with them. I must appreciate her and Pari, an Iranian mother so warm and hard working publisher.


Iran and Iranian people are misunderstood by most of people and media these days, if you want to see the real things, just GO!


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I have spent 4 days and 3 nights on the train from Tehran to Damascus, it passed Iran, Turkey, Syria, is the slowest and longest train I have ever taken. It took 72 hours totally!


Though crazy tired, but it's really intresting and funny trip. The train stopped at every little stops along these 3 countries, and sometimes stopped in one place for more than 5 hours! there's one part of trip passenagers must take ferry(super slow indeed) across Lake Van in Turkey, the beautiful lake I've been coming from oppsite direction 1 more month ago... 


Overall the most intersting thing is to see so many Iranians so excited and happily leaving their strict motherland to Damascus for holidays. I got the feeling by them too, and it's the far more relaxed and enjoyable place to go around. And weather is getting cool, so great, finally!


After few days rest, I'll cycle toward Jordan border, toward Jordan river valley and Dead sea.


And you know my camera have broken recently, I just used some cheap instant cameras these days, so it's impossible to show some photos about the funny train right now, still finding to buy new one in Damascus...

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