I arrived in Port Said yesterday in the evening, walked along the long sandy beach along Mediterranean Sea, cool wind blowing, few locals hanging around. 


The beach was almost empty, you can see the waves turning in the harizon, and big ships coming and going in the mouth of Suez Canal.


There are some blank white screens standing, gave the whole area a bizzare atmosphere. When the night fell, the movie playing on the screen, there's no one watching it, just some blank plastic chairs.


And this song was playing in my head, "On the Beach" by Neil Young.   


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  • itchyfoot
  • so what were they playing exactly? I could image it was wiredo though :P
  • actually there're other screens playing FIFA U20(under 20 years old), this year hosted by Eygpt, if there's Eygpt team playing, many people sitting there watching.

    tzewu 於 2009/10/15 06:43 回覆

  • Chanteuse
  • 子午:
  • thanks for reminding me, I've changed the password.

    tzewu 於 2009/10/15 06:40 回覆


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